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Looking for a smarter way to streamline your business processes and engage with your customers efficiently? Our AI-powered Chatbots, integrated with ChatGPT and RAG Pattern AI Technology, redefine the way you connect, communicate, and operate. With seamless Chatbot Development, Integration, and Analytics, our solutions are tailored for cutting-edge performance and exceptional user experience.

Types of Chatbot

Chatbots transcend industry and department boundaries, serving as valuable assets across all sectors and operational domains. From B2B and B2C interactions to supporting internal employees (B2E) and facilitating dealer-specific central bots (B2D), our technology offers two distinctive variations:

B2C - Customer Service

B2C chatbots are used for servicing customers and processing service requests, answering FAQs and facilitating product advisory and sales

B2B - Business Partners

B2B chatbots are mainly  used for communication between
businesses for instant quotes, purchase, orders and invoices.

B2E - ServiceDesk

B2E Chatbots facilitate communication between businesses and employees by answering monotonous and routine queries without involving a human

Central Bot

B2D or Central Chatbots are useful for large companies with multiple dealers where the point of contact/service for each user is the company dealer in that particular geography.

Advantages of Chatbot

Use Cases for Different Industries

Real Estate



Sports & Fan Engagement


Software & Customer Service

High-end Retail

Automobile (Dealerships)






Restaurant, Food & Beverage




Facilities Management

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