Artificial Intelligence

We are a DPIIT (Startup India) recognized Startup in the field of Artificial Intelligence.Our ability to build custom solutions from scratch for unique business challenges with innovative use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology is our biggest strength. We develop solutions that deliver multiple times ROI.

Text Analytics

Text Analytics is the process of mining the text and discovering insights from it. Some of the techniques used in Text Analytics are Summarization, Clustering, Categorization and Information Extraction. Text Analytics make possible chatbots, sentiment analysis, knowledge management and so on

Some Applications

Image and Video Analytics

Image and Video analysis involves processing an image or a video, into fundamental components to extract meaningful information and actionable insights. Image and Video analysis can include tasks such as finding shapes, detecting edges, removing noise, counting objects, and calculating statistics for texture analysis or image quality or real-time analysis and alerts, tracking, autonomous driving and so on

Some Applications

Custom AI Development

Our team specialises in brainstorming innovative Custom AI Solutions based on ideas, concepts, applications, latest technology or research papers. Our AI experts can develop AI Models from scratch to handle unique business challanges. We have an experienced team comprising of Data Scientists, AI Data Labellers, Software Engineers, Solution Architects and Core AI Developers

Custom AI & Models

Developing AI Models and Functionalities based a on Unique Business Challenges and latest concepts and research

Scrap Bot/Web Crawler

 Bots that can scrap data from a website or knowledge source based on instructions or logic. These bots can be triggered by an event like data addition or update


Script-based custom automation for automating processes and workflows, that otherwise require valuable human-time.


Development of Software and Assembly of Parts for Custom IoT Solutions Eg: Desk Booking, Occupancy Sensor, Tracking, HVAC & Lighting